Product Status Peek – 2011

We are starting the year with some great product advances. Typemock Isolator++   We have released version 1.1, with many bug fixes and 2 major features: 1. Continuing with our beliefs, now there is no need to change the production code at all! 2. There is a new api to fake out and ref arguments 3. No, we haven’t completed our port to GCC [...]

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Rookie Manager #2: Problem Solving vs Problem Finding

There is a big difference between problem solving and problem finding. This is one of the differences that a Rookie Manager must learn quickly. A Rookie manager that has been [...]

#1 tip: What I expect from managers and team leaders

It is very natural for new Managers and Team leaders seem to think that once they are given the responsibility over a group they have to ‘Claim their territory’ and guard [...]

Gaps I found while dog-fooding Typemock Isolator

I have been dog-fooding Typemock Isolator with the Metric Dashboard. There are quite a few gaps in the product that I have found while using it. Before I go into the [...]

Unit Testing the Metric Dashboard – Part 4

Continuation of unit testing the Metric Dashboard. Debugging via Unit Tests Sometimes, it is necessary to debug our code from our unit tests. Having the unit tests are great [...]

Unit Testing the Metric Dashboard – Part 3

Continuation of unit testing the Metric Dashboard. Watching for new files The Dashboard listens to the test result folder for new files. As this is done in another thread, [...]

Unit Testing the Metric Dashboard – Part 2

This is a continuation of the unit testing the Metric Dashboard series, you can find part 1 here Passing a fake object to constructor At one point I had to pass a fake [...]

Unit Testing the Metric Dashboard – Part I

I have talked about unit testing the Metric Dashboard, today I had some time to dive into the task. I decided to test the Bugs Caught feature of the Visual Studio Addin, I [...]

Unit Testing the Metric Dashboard

While developing the Metric Dashboard, I on purposely did not write any unit tests. I wanted to feel and remember what is like to develop without unit test and see how to [...]

Bug Fix Time not a good metric

After a few weeks using the BugFixTime metric, I found that metric too hard to understand and leaves the developer and managers clueless to what that have to do to fix the [...]

Manager – Shut Up

One of the hardest things for me to do as a manager is to shut up! When I see a flaw in our product or web site or in a plan session, I have to give my thoughts and ideas in [...]