Product Status Peek – 2011

We are starting the year with some great product advances. Typemock Isolator++   We have released version 1.1, with many bug fixes and 2 major features: 1. Continuing with our beliefs, now there is no need to change the production code at all! 2. There is a new api to fake out and ref arguments 3. No, we haven’t completed our port to GCC [...]

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TypeMock and TestDriven.NET

TypeMock.NET and TestDriven are now sold together - for a limited time only. These tool complement each other and using them you can: Write tests with TypeMock.NET and [...]

2 places I wish I could use TypeMock – part 2

As I showed in the previous post here are the other places where the TypeMock team would have loved to use TypeMock :-)Case 2. Mocking another Process.The Tracer is [...]

2 places I wish I could use TypeMock – part 1

There is a saying in an ancient language: "the shoemaker walks barefoot". This is still true in our future age, and the TypeMock creators cannot test TypeMock.NET with [...]