Unit Tests

Product Status Peek – 2011

We are starting the year with some great product advances. Typemock Isolator++   We have released version 1.1, with many bug fixes and 2 major [...]

Easy unit testing in C++, Webinar

I am very excited about Isolator++. Roy has written a post on our first encounter with unit testing C++ and the difficulties we found many years ago. There are [...]

How we doubled our visitors

Simple, we created a great compelling product! We have doubled our visitors and downloads since releasing Isolator++! This is really exciting. It is great to [...]

Web Site bug issue now solved

Just came back from our Isolator++ release brunch, thanks team, it’s a pleasure to celebrate this release with you, after all the hard work and challenges [...]

*New* Unit Testing C++ with Typemock

Today is a really special day for us. We are releasing our first tool to help C++ developers unit test there code - Isolator++ . Up till now, we have been [...]

CrowdMarketing – Crowd driven messaging

We have all heard of crowdsourcing, and that crowdsourcing marketing is doomed to fail. So it is not often that one our our users manages to articulate our [...]

Unacceptable: Unit testing will take 20 years to catch on

During the Typemock Partnership Academy Panel in Oslo, I had a very strange feeling coming from Uncle Bob, when asked “what is the state of unit testing” [...]

Debugging Communication Errors

I couldn’t sleep all night, thinking that on the last company meeting, when one of my employees complained that he can’t finish his tasks because [...]

2009 retrospect

Its my birthday, which is normally a time for self reflection and lot of fun, alcohol and friends. As a present my friends gave me a Tandem skydiving, I am [...]

Gaps I found while dog-fooding Typemock Isolator

I have been dog-fooding Typemock Isolator with the Metric Dashboard. There are quite a few gaps in the product that I have found while using it. Before I go [...]