Travelling to the states

I will be travelling to Boston and Seattle from 22nd-28th of May. This is my first trip the the US since Obama was elected, I wonder if the atmosphere has [...]

Back to School

One of the delights of being an adult is the fact that you can practically wake up at any time you want. When I was in school I really disliked waking up in [...]

Crypt message in the Blog

Someone is writing crypt messages in my Blog. Might it be from Aliens or a Conscious Robot? [...]

Who is old formula

I was talking with a friend who just turned 37 yesterday. We were talking about how as you grow, being 'old' seem to be a moving target. We managed to find [...]

Patent Scam

I have just been (nearly) bitten by a few Registration Services  Scams.Here is how it works:After a patent has been received in a patent office, the [...]

Typemock and Design Issues

The new field mock feature that enables developers to mock fields has raised the questions: Who needs to mock fields, (only bad programmers)? Does Typemock [...]

Moving to New Office

We have moved to our new offices. We are having a great time here. Here are some photos from the office and our "Official Opening Party"   [...]

Going to TechEd Europe

We are going to TechEd Barcelona, although we don't have a booth we going to have a TypeMock group meeting. The event will be announced (place and [...]

Donation towards Creating Safe Drinking Water

We have decided to participate with Jamie Cansdale and have donated 5 TypeMock Enterprise Licenses to go towards creating safe drinking water in Malawi Africa. [...]