Time Management

Debugging Communication Errors

I couldn’t sleep all night, thinking that on the last company meeting, when one of my employees complained that he can’t finish his tasks because [...]

Deciding without enough information

One of my biggest problems as a manager, is that I love information. Give me loads and loads of data and I am a happy man. This means that it is very hard for [...]

Time Management – Getting the Metrics

A good CEO should focus primarily on those things that move the company forward I talked about time management and knowing where to spend your time. A few [...]

Perfectionism is Fatal

During a discussion in the company someone bought up Perfectionism. I like this definition: Perfectionism may be the ultimate self-defeating behavior. It is [...]

Management for Geeks: Know where you spend your time

In a previous post I talked about managing myself which I believe must be done before you manage others, if only for the sake of leadership One of the task [...]

Management for Geeks: Managing myself

Typemock has been growing steadily since the company started and our customer base is growing. At one point I found myself overwhelmed with the amount of [...]