Extending Test Frameworks

One really nice feature of TypeMock.NET 4.0 is the ability to extend any/all testing frameworks. Each test framework has (or lacks) its own extension [...]

Natural Mocks becoming more intelligent

Natural Mocks automatically mocks everything. This includes return values. So the following code: using (RecordedExpecations recorder = [...]

Design and Testability – YAGNI

After reading Roy's Post and Oren's Post who strongly side on Designing for testability I suddenly felt a De Ja Vu. De Ja Vu A few years ago, I was [...]

Multiple Asserts in a Single Unit Test

There is a debate going on about having one assertion per test. James Avery argues that what he'd really like to see in a unit test framework is the ability [...]

14 facets of TypeMock.NET and Designing for Testability

There has been much talk about Designing for Testability lately.Basically the argument is: Should our Tests (Enabling Mock Insersions) Drive our design?or [...]

TypeMock and TestDriven.NET

TypeMock.NET and TestDriven are now sold together - for a limited time only. These tool complement each other and using them you can: Write tests with [...]