Why Typemock-Isolator for TDD?

There is a long discussion in the ALT.NET group about TDD and Typemock, it is very interesting and I suggest that you read the thread. Benefits of TDD Although [...]

Dependency Injection with TypeMock

The has been some buzz about Dependency Injection lately (here is another thread). But I want to actually show how TDD with TypeMock can lead to a DI solution, [...]

Handling Support in Agile Teams

As Developer Testing is become mainstream and teams are looking for pragmatic solutions, we are seeing more and more Customers using TypeMock. Support has [...]

Mocking Extension Methods

With Orcas and TypeMock 4.1 you can now mock Extension methods, easily. Suppose we added a new method to int that return the Roman Number equivalent of that [...]

DotNetRocks Interview

I had a real fun talk with Richard and Carl on DotNetRocks. You can listen to the show here. The highlight was a grand piano being delivered to Carl [...]

Developers are seeing the value of Unit Testing

This summer has been great for TypeMock. We are showing record growth and have topped our sales and customer base. This is a sign that development groups are [...]

Dependency Injection – Keep your privates to yourself

Jacob Proffitt has hit the nail on the head with his "I do wish that people would admit that DI doesn’t have compelling applicability outside of Unit [...]

A New Trick

I have read this post Interaction based testing using TypeMock. This code: Mock clientMock = MockManager.Mock(typeof (Client)); clientMock.Strict = [...]

Good Programming is about Balance

This post hits the nail on its head: When good programming practices are just too good. What struck me ... is the ridiculous amount of code required to [...]

Design vs. Process

Oren Eini has posted Tools vs. Design about the Really Simple Dialog post. It is NOT the design that will give you the freedom to expand and [...]