The price of not trying

Twitter has been under a lot of fire when changing the replies policy, they still did the right thing. They tried, if they wouldn’t try then they will be [...]

Typemock in the local press

The local "The Marker" Magazine has published an article about startups in the current economical crisis. There is a cool picture of some of the crew eating [...]

Unit Tests and Developers under Pressure

In TechEd 2008 David Platt interviewed Roy about the future of  TDD. You should really view the Tech-Talk as Dave is really funny, although he does miss [...]

Typemock and Design Issues

The new field mock feature that enables developers to mock fields has raised the questions: Who needs to mock fields, (only bad programmers)? Does Typemock [...]

Debugging Mocked Methods

Although strict XP practices, value tests more then debugging, there are many cases where you still have to debug the code base to find defects. Doing this [...]

The Ultimate Proof for TypeMock

When developer using TypeMock find it an indispensable tool, it is a sign that we really help ease the task of building lasting software. Karell says [...]

Interview on DotNetRocks

Richard has invited me for a chat on DotNetRocks. The topic being Unit Testing and Dependency Injection. I still have to find a nice photo for the show. Stay [...]

MailFrame’s CodeSpell

I had quite an embarrassing moment when Scott Hanselman who is reviewing TypeMock.NET sent me his first impressions. The e-mails where screen-shots of [...]