Mocking Extension Methods

With Orcas and TypeMock 4.1 you can now mock Extension methods, easily. Suppose we added a new method to int that return the Roman Number equivalent of that [...]

NCover 2.0

Peter Waldschmidt has announced the release a new commercial version of NCover. NCover is now developed in  a new company called Gnoso. The new NCover is [...]

TypeMock 4.1 Released

Syndicated from the TypeMock Announcement Forum. We have released TypeMock 4.1. A few of the new features included in this release are: Support of .NET 3.5 [...]

Developers are seeing the value of Unit Testing

This summer has been great for TypeMock. We are showing record growth and have topped our sales and customer base. This is a sign that development groups are [...]

Mocking Linq – Preview

We are working on our .NET 3.5 Support. There are many new feature that have been added, we will take a look at how to mock a linq statement For the [...]

Natural Mocks becoming more intelligent

Natural Mocks automatically mocks everything. This includes return values. So the following code: using (RecordedExpecations recorder = [...]

See How Easily you can Love Your Job

If you are reading this you are probably the developer we are looking for. TypeMock is expanding and we are looking for .NET developers who have a passion for [...]

Price changes

Our prices are going to rise at the beginning of Next Month. All developers who are evaluating TypeMock are highly recommend to purchase before November to [...]

TypeMock and TestDriven.NET

TypeMock.NET and TestDriven are now sold together - for a limited time only. These tool complement each other and using them you can: Write tests with [...]