Ruby Style Isolating – Aspect Faking

I have talked in the past about Ruby Style Isolating (Dynamically Typed), now it is part of the AAA syntax.  The big value of this feature is that you [...]

Releasing Isolator 5.0 and Racer alpha

We have been working very hard this summer and we are just ready for 2 major releases. Isolator 5.0 Based on customer feedback we are going to change our [...]

Is the visibility of tested methods important?

We are having quite a discussion lately about the importance of the visibility of tested methods. See our internal Blog for the juicy [...]

Mocking frameworks – dream feature

There are some developers SHOUTING, that mocking static and  non-virtual methods is a big No-No. Roy, is calling them dogmatic. Come on guys, the most [...]

Typemock Isolator 4.2.4 is available

Typemock Isolator 4.2.4 is available for download.This is a patch release with many bug fixes. "Invalid Operation Exception" when working with NHybernate [...]

ASP.NET Unit Testing just got Easier

There is a lot of talk about unit testing ASP.NET. Artem Smirnov  has managed to build a new tool for writing unit tests for ASP.NET. The tool called [...]

Typemock and .NET 1.1

Although we still have many developers using Typemock in .NET 1.1, now that .NET 3.5 is out, we are going to drop the support for .NET 1.1. in our next [...]

Typemock Isolator – Beta – Better Community

The Typemock team has released our next version of TypeMock.NET. We are calling it Typemock-Isolator. As Typemock helps developers Isolate their code from the [...]

Debugging Mocked Methods

Although strict XP practices, value tests more then debugging, there are many cases where you still have to debug the code base to find defects. Doing this [...]

The Ultimate Proof for TypeMock

When developer using TypeMock find it an indispensable tool, it is a sign that we really help ease the task of building lasting software. Karell says [...]