.NET Tests

Low Coupling is NOT a Silver Bullet

I will start with some more post about TypeMock and Testability issue. Mocking with TypeMock - Travis Illig Holy crap, this thing is hot. In technical [...]

14 facets of TypeMock.NET and Designing for Testability

There has been much talk about Designing for Testability lately.Basically the argument is: Should our Tests (Enabling Mock Insersions) Drive our design?or [...]

2 places I wish I could use TypeMock – part 2

As I showed in the previous post here are the other places where the TypeMock team would have loved to use TypeMock :-)Case 2. Mocking another [...]

2 places I wish I could use TypeMock – part 1

There is a saying in an ancient language: "the shoemaker walks barefoot". This is still true in our future age, and the TypeMock creators cannot test [...]