.NET Tests

Ruby Style Mocking in .NET

I had a great discussion with a college about the difficulties of understanding the technical parts of the automated Mocking frameworks. The one point that [...]

Why Typemock-Isolator for TDD?

There is a long discussion in the ALT.NET group about TDD and Typemock, it is very interesting and I suggest that you read the thread. Benefits of TDD Although [...]

Decorator feature enhancement

[Cross Posted in TypeMock Insider Blog] Typemock-Isolator has a little know Decorator feature that allows developers to simply add capabilities to their test [...]

Tips and Tricks

I am happy to announce that we have opened a Typemock Blog The blog will host posts from Typemock developers and will give inside information and tip and [...]

Dependency Injection with TypeMock

The has been some buzz about Dependency Injection lately (here is another thread). But I want to actually show how TDD with TypeMock can lead to a DI solution, [...]

Great Time in Tech Ed Barcelona

We had a great time in Barcelona, The TechEd team has done it again and have created a top-notch conference. Apart from not being able to get tickets to the [...]

TypeMock is a Silver Bullet

During the TechEd in Bacelona, I overheard developers talking about TDD and Mocking. Then I heard one of them say that TypeMock is a Silver Bullet, it can just [...]

Roys Test Name Convention

I just loved the way Roy explained how developers normally name their tests without really thinking about them. for example SumNegitiveNumber5 (yup, I have [...]

Rollback for database testing

Roy Osherove had a good speak in TechEd Barcelona 2007, about using the roll back attribute for database testing, and it works really well, keeping the test [...]

DotNetRocks Interview

I had a real fun talk with Richard and Carl on DotNetRocks. You can listen to the show here. The highlight was a grand piano being delivered to Carl [...]