.NET Tests

Converting Dynamic Types to Generic Parameters

There is a problem when an API uses a Generic Parameter as a Type reference. Although having a generic parameter makes the code Type Safe SafeType [...]

Typemock Isolator goes open source

Due to the overwhelming request by the community, we have received thousands of e-mails from .NET developers, that almost crashed our servers. And after we [...]

Unit Tests and Developers under Pressure

In TechEd 2008 David Platt interviewed Roy about the future of  TDD. You should really view the Tech-Talk as Dave is really funny, although he does miss [...]

Isolator for SharePoint – Free License

Get a free Typemock Isolator license: [Update: Contest is finished, Thanks to all you bloggers] We’re announcing today about a new product: Isolator for [...]

Unit Testing Collections

I have written about Lowering the friction of Unit testing, and how using Aspect Faking we can lower the friction of testing collections The problem Unit [...]

Lowering the friction of Unit testing

At Typemock we have been learning allot about our customers lately and understanding where the friction is so that we can make unit testing even easier and [...]

Typemock embraces SharePoint

We have been getting a lot of traction from the SharePoint development community about the ease that Typemock Isolator helps unit test SharePoint Applications. [...]

Ruby Style Isolating – Aspect Faking

I have talked in the past about Ruby Style Isolating (Dynamically Typed), now it is part of the AAA syntax.  The big value of this feature is that you [...]

Future of Unit Testing and Economics

Euan Garden managed the PDC 2008 Panel Session on the Future of Unit Testing, and Andrew has made a short summary. Unit Test => (Automated) Developers [...]

Mocking frameworks – dream feature

There are some developers SHOUTING, that mocking static and  non-virtual methods is a big No-No. Roy, is calling them dogmatic. Come on guys, the most [...]