Product Status Peek – 2011

We are starting the year with some great product advances. Typemock Isolator++   We have released version 1.1, with many bug fixes and 2 major [...]

Web Site bug issue now solved

Just came back from our Isolator++ release brunch, thanks team, it’s a pleasure to celebrate this release with you, after all the hard work and challenges [...]

CrowdMarketing – Crowd driven messaging

We have all heard of crowdsourcing, and that crowdsourcing marketing is doomed to fail. So it is not often that one our our users manages to articulate our [...]

The 4 reasons why we DIDN’T choose Oslo

I have just come back from a really successful and fun kickoff of our partnership program (web-site up soon). But everyone is asking me: Why Oslo? Well the [...]

Testing my LinkedIn Network

I have a LinkedIn account for ages, and I have been connecting to friends and colleges, although not actively for quite some time. I have decided that it is [...]

2009 retrospect

Its my birthday, which is normally a time for self reflection and lot of fun, alcohol and friends. As a present my friends gave me a Tandem skydiving, I am [...]

Crossing the Chasm – Is it still true?

I picked up Crossing the Chasm (Geoffery Moore) again while thinking about our marketing strategy. This brings up a few questions. Q1: Is this strategy still [...]