Management for Geeks

Integrity Scales – Real Lean Management

I talked about personal integrity, the really powerful thing about this integrity is that it scales. There is a team Integrity. Here is the secret: Once [...]

Break down tasks to controllable actions

Breaking down a task to controllable actions is a talent that I had to learn. It is not complicated and it is a pillar stone of Management by Integrity Lets [...]

Management for Geeks – Secret Ingredients

In a previous Management for Geeks post, I talked about a  hypothetical relationship with John. This discussion actually surfaced the fact that I have a [...]

Zune Meltdown as a Management Problem

Ester Schindler has a post in cio about the 3 lessons developers should learn from the Zune meltdown. She finishes it with: Quality Assurance doesn't apply [...]

Management for Geeks – Expanding your existence

I always wanted to be a manager. I was sure that I could do it much better then anyone else and I could always see the mistakes of my previous managers. Some [...]

Management for Geeks: Know where you spend your time

In a previous post I talked about managing myself which I believe must be done before you manage others, if only for the sake of leadership One of the task [...]

Management for Geeks: Managing myself

Typemock has been growing steadily since the company started and our customer base is growing. At one point I found myself overwhelmed with the amount of [...]

Team building

Once when I was working for a large enterprise, we where taken  to an off-site team building program. We where divided into groups of 5 and the group had [...]

Estimations and being Agile

There are quite a lot of information in the web about how to  estimate tasks in an Agile environments - They are all based on dividing the task to small [...]

Agile and Event-Driven Management

I have read an article on VentureHacks on Lean (Agile) Companies. In this article Agile = Less Waste At Typemock we are take Agile development and being an [...]