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Signal to Noise Ratio of Delays

Travis, has made some excellent points again, talking about the Signal to Noise Ratio of the ‘delay event raising’. I have had this problem from a [...]

How to manage agile (self managing) teams

Some time ago I read an interview with the founder of a high-growth web 2.0  company. It went something like this.  “How do build your team?” [...]

Building the Management Team

I have read an article about Building the Management Team on Entrepreneur. It gives a nice outlay of the management team, but I don’t think that it really [...]

Throwing the Boss Out…

Jurgen Appelo has a post: Optimize Communication, Throw the Boss Out. It is great that Jurgen is writing about this topic, as I have been trying to tackle this [...]

Beyond Scrum and Lean

Both Ron Jeffries has commented on my Event vs Polling ideas and so has Travis Illig about having fun with status meetings. They both use the same argument: [...]

Safe is Risky

These are the words of the original Purple Cow himself, it's risky to be safe. I love it. It is really risky to play it safe! So why don’t we take risks [...]

Status meetings can be fun

Status meeting can be really boring. Actually they are normally a waste of time. I have been to many long status meetings where the manager drags everyone [...]

The journey from an Inventor to a CEO

When I started Typemock I was the Inventor, it was great fun, I did everything from developing to marketing to sales. I worked until 4:00 am learning and [...]

200% Responsibility

When something is really important to us we must have at least 200% Responsibility. 100% responsibility is just not enough. With my children for example, [...]

The difference between GTD and Integrity

Getting Things Done (GTD) is an action management method created by David Allen. It is based on the principal that we have to get things out of mind by [...]