Management for Geeks

Being outstanding

In order to get outstanding results there is a need for outstanding actions. [...]

I am really picky

I have been picky on wording lately. I know that I am picky, but words do have a profound effect on how we act. I have talked in the past about Victim Talk vs [...]

Nothing is Broken

For the first time in our management integrity meeting - clearing, one of Typemock’s managers said: “Nothing is Broken”. The manager moved around in his [...]

Innovation: Not “what if” but “how can”

Zane Safrit has a post about innovation: Innovation Key: Asking “what if”. Although “what if” questions might work, I have found that they support [...]

Scrum and Lean are just an excuse for our failing profession

To build the team that Typemock needs we need great developers. I don’t mean craftsmanship or pragmatic developers, we need super stars. Have you noticed [...]

Clearing, the next stage

I talked about the great effects of the clearing process that we do in  Typemock. This process allows us to pinpoint areas that are not working, fix them [...]

Loosing sight

Because Managing by Integrity makes sure that we play one game at a time, day by day, by creating controllable actions for each goal - we separate ourselves [...]

Flowers, Game Theory and our Company Culture

I had a great discussion the other day with a Professor who specialized in the  Game Theory. We had a nice discussion about flowers. Flowers compete for [...]

Specialization is for Insects

I have been talking about team work with my team lately. It seems that a common issue that comes up, is specialization. Everyone has a place, everyone is [...]

Trying, to become aware

There are a big difference between awareness and alertness, it also has a big effect on how to accomplish work. Awareness: having or showing [...]