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Manager – Shut Up

One of the hardest things for me to do as a manager is to shut up! When I see a flaw in our product or web site or in a plan session, I have to give my [...]

Things they don’t tell you about management – part II

In my previous post, I talked about our web site team problem and the solution that we reached. I though that we solved the web issue, I only managed to make [...]

Things they don’t tell you about management – part I

Here is a story of a situation that we had to solve back in February. The background of this is our web site and our web site developer. Our web site [...]

Employee Motivation Myths Debunked

David Javitch talks in about 5 motivation myths. These don’t work Money motivates. Just keep them happy. Ignore Conflict. Some [...]

Bring Me Your Solved Problems

John Hunter has a post that is an answer to Frank Roche : No Problem Without a Solution. John quotes Taiichi Ohno “Having no problems is the biggest problem [...]

Pit of death

The opposite of the Best Case Scenario is the Pit of death. Falling into the Pit of death can happen quite quickly when we focus on results instead of [...]

Best Case Scenario

Staying positive and energized is a one of the major jobs of a Manager/Entrepreneur. There are many pitfalls on the way to making our dreams come to [...]

Pushing and pulling

Now that the company is in integrity it is easier to fail fast and to fix our broken processes. As Johanna Rothman says Graceful Degradation is Not What We [...]

Where is you CFO (Chief Fear Officer)

(Via Zane Safrit) “This Manager of Fear has a simple job description: Help management and others see how their fear — when left unchecked — can lead to [...]

Great idea! I’ll write it down

Sometimes someone I meet will have a great idea and I will say so. "Good idea, I’ll write it down". I always add “It was (Albert) Einstein who [...]