Management for Geeks

Thanks Roy

I would like to thank Roy for the amazing time we had together, Roy has been working at Typemock for 3 years now and it has been a blast! Good times, hearty [...]

I want loud disputes in our meetings

We had a really high tone dispute in a few meetings about our coming breakthrough product. It was on the verge of getting hostile, both sides where trying to [...]

Top 5 questions to ask when checking references

It has taken me some time to really follow the best practice of checking references,  both before hiring of new employees and of external contractors. Now [...]

Debugging Communication Errors

I couldn’t sleep all night, thinking that on the last company meeting, when one of my employees complained that he can’t finish his tasks because [...]

Getting the Boss to get Rid of Himself

Here is a short discussion I had with a Typemock employee a few weeks ago. Employee: “Phew, We managed to purchase the last available ticket :-)” Me: [...]

Managing Rookie Managers

Rookie managers have a incomplete perception of management and hold on to the idea that they are still reviewed by their personal performance and that there [...]

Never promote to a management role

This post is to remind myself what to do what promoting first time managers, based on the final tip in the Myth and Realty Check Post. Eli, Remember to Delay [...]

Rookie Manager #3: Myth vs Reality

Rookie Managers, including myself, often fail in their new role. Now looking back at my first managerial job (10 years ago) I think that the reason for this [...]

Rookie Manager #2: Problem Solving vs Problem Finding

There is a big difference between problem solving and problem finding. This is one of the differences that a Rookie Manager must learn quickly. A Rookie [...]

#1 tip: What I expect from managers and team leaders

It is very natural for new Managers and Team leaders seem to think that once they are given the responsibility over a group they have to ‘Claim their [...]