Typemock starts 2011 in a new location

This is really a great way to start 2011, we moved to our new offices, after outgrowing our older space, we moved to a great location with a view to the sea, [...]

The 5 Critical Qualities of an Entrepreneur

Michael has a post about the best characters of an Entrepreneur. I think that other qualities matter. Curiosity To start this adventure in the first [...]

Going to Vegas!

I am going to be at the SharePoint Conference this year in Vegas (See plan on TripIt). Sorry guys the ticket have been sold out. We are going to have fun and [...]

Hardware and Software spring Cleaning [off topic]

I did a little spring cleaning to my personal PC. It was full of dust and that drove the dual-core CPU temperature to rise to 60°C / 140°F. Once the [...]

I am being followed

I received an email from a few people who want to follow me on twitter. The problem being that I don’t have a twitter account. Instead of letting them [...]

Home Movies and Integrity

I have been taking home movies for over 10 years now, I now have an HDD camera, but I still have loads of Mini-DV’s hanging around the house. I have always [...]

Funny discussion from Twitter

Here is an entertaining snippet from twitter: Ben Hall asked Wonder how TypeMock came up with the "Cut costs by as much as 40%" (twitter) [...]