Debugging Communication Errors

I couldn’t sleep all night, thinking that on the last company meeting, when one of my employees complained that he can’t finish his tasks because [...]

Crossing the Chasm and Excellence

Roy sent me this podcast: The state of Alt.NET. Although Scott Bellware seems to be angry about the state of things, I am actually seeing great progress in [...]

Typemock needs a slogan

Roy Osherove has voted to let the community choose Typemock's slogan! What a great idea! Don't be left out of the New slogan for Typemock [...]

Technical Support, our policy pays

I have spoken before about our Support Policy, and it seems that  it pays off, as good technical support is one of the differential factors when choosing [...]

TypeMock Ltd has Secured $1.5M

I am delighted to announce that TypeMock has managed to secure $1.5M. We have had an excellent year, and have seen how unit testing is starting to become a [...]

A Big Welcome to Roy Osherove

I would personally like to give Roy a big welcome to the TypeMock team. I have worked with Roy while introducing TDD to an enterprise 'legacy' software [...]

Welcome Ron Shoshani

I would like to welcome Ron Shoshani to our Team.TypeMock is having a great year and we are growing, Ron will head the Marketing activities in TypeMock and [...]

TypeMock Facebook

TypeMock now has a facebook page. The industry leaders are  already there. Don't miss the party. Click here to join the typemock groupor the typemock [...]