Code Integrity

Agile Demos Smells

There are many things that I look at when I see a demo, one of thing that fascinates me are demo smells. These are automatic actions that developers do when [...]

Bug Fix Time not a good metric

After a few weeks using the BugFixTime metric, I found that metric too hard to understand and leaves the developer and managers clueless to what that have to [...]

Measuring Effective Unit Tests

What is an effective unit test? A good unit test (via Jeremy Miller) is Atomic Independent & Isolated Intention Revealing Easy to Setup Runs [...]

Measuring Code Integrity

I have been pondering this for quite some time now. How do we measure the code integrity. Code Coverage doesn't really do it, and the number of test or test [...]

Big Steps to Code Integrity

Typemock is making big steps towards its goal of code integrity. Code integrity is what we consider the new paradigm of writing software. Moving the [...]

Does you code have integrity?

I have been talking about integrity management, but the word integrity actually comes from the technical condition of being whole. That is why in star trak we [...]