Agile Demos Smells

There are many things that I look at when I see a demo, one of thing that fascinates me are demo smells. These are automatic actions that developers do when [...]

Unacceptable: Unit testing will take 20 years to catch on

During the Typemock Partnership Academy Panel in Oslo, I had a very strange feeling coming from Uncle Bob, when asked “what is the state of unit testing” [...]

Theory Of Constraints, Lean and Schnitzels

Roy gave me a copy of “The Cash Machine” Using the ToC for Sales Management. It is a good read, and it reminded me of the principals I learnt several years [...]

Retrospectives should not be about sharing pain

Jason Yip has a great post: Retrospectives should not be about sharing pain Retrospectives should not be about sharing pain and venting. Retrospectives [...]

Crossing the Chasm and Excellence

Roy sent me this podcast: The state of Alt.NET. Although Scott Bellware seems to be angry about the state of things, I am actually seeing great progress in [...]

Unit Tests and Developers under Pressure

In TechEd 2008 David Platt interviewed Roy about the future of  TDD. You should really view the Tech-Talk as Dave is really funny, although he does miss [...]

The myth of integration tests

The question of what exactly is a unit test, is one that keeps on plaguing us as a community. I have heard many developers say "oh, no need to test that - its [...]

Estimations and being Agile

There are quite a lot of information in the web about how to  estimate tasks in an Agile environments - They are all based on dividing the task to small [...]

Agile and Event-Driven Management

I have read an article on VentureHacks on Lean (Agile) Companies. In this article Agile = Less Waste At Typemock we are take Agile development and being an [...]

Future of Unit Testing and Economics

Euan Garden managed the PDC 2008 Panel Session on the Future of Unit Testing, and Andrew has made a short summary. Unit Test => (Automated) Developers [...]