Author: Eli Lopian

How Hierarchy works with TypeMock

Mocking methods in the hierarchy of the code is supporting in TypeMock.NET.There is nothing like examples so here is our hierarchy. We are mocking type [...]

How Dynamic Mock Objects can Auto Pilot

When creating a Mock Object from an interface, the object is set in Strict mode. This means that any unexpected call to the object will fail.The reason is [...]

Multiple Asserts in a Single Unit Test

There is a debate going on about having one assertion per test. James Avery argues that what he'd really like to see in a unit test framework is the ability [...]

TestDriven.NET 2.0 is released

Jamie has just released TestDriven.NET 2.0. I have worked with Jamie quite a bit on the TypeMock.NET integration and now using TypeMock with Zero Friction [...]

How to Mock Singletons in 3 Simple Ways

Want to mock Singletons? Here are 3 simple ways to mock a Singletons. 1. Use MockAll When the static constructor is not mocked just use MockAll [...]

Don’t call us we’ll call you

Testing how events are hooked up to your system can be tricky, TypeMock.NET makes this easier. Testing the plumbing Lets see how we test a class that fires [...]

How to Debug with TypeMock.NET without losing your head

TypeMock.NET has many internal features that allow debugging code that has some mocked methods, and although this works most of the time, there are some things [...]

Low Coupling is NOT a Silver Bullet

I will start with some more post about TypeMock and Testability issue. Mocking with TypeMock - Travis Illig Holy crap, this thing is hot. In technical [...]

Price changes

Our prices are going to rise at the beginning of Next Month. All developers who are evaluating TypeMock are highly recommend to purchase before November to [...]

MailFrame’s CodeSpell

I had quite an embarrassing moment when Scott Hanselman who is reviewing TypeMock.NET sent me his first impressions. The e-mails where screen-shots of [...]