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Easy unit testing in C++, Webinar

I am very excited about Isolator++. Roy has written a post on our first encounter with unit testing C++ and the difficulties we found many years ago. There are many issues in C++ that render ‘testable design’ to be ‘bad design’, for example calling virtual methods constructors in a big no no in C++, but testable design means having those methods virtual methods. So trying to convince developers to make their code testable has led to a lot of resistance.

But our dream of unit testing C++ is coming true with Isolator++, and you are invited to hear Roy Osherove talk about Unit testing C++.

Mark the date: Thursday, October 21st, 2010

More information here (we are giving out free Isolator++ licenses!)


How we doubled our visitors

image Simple, we created a great compelling product!

We have doubled our visitors and downloads since releasing Isolator++! This is really exciting. It is great to welcome C++ developers to the unit testing world and to make it easy to unit test too.

We have carefully crafted Isolator++ for C++ developers with all our knowledge from the .NET world, on how to help us developers focus on creating productive code and automate all of the plumbing and wiring. This makes writing unit tests easy and thus help us become software craftsmen.

Some of our community tweets, thanks.

@unclebobmartin: Wow, a mocking framework for C++. What a brave new world.

@dr_dobbs: Typemock Launches Isolator ++×1g9e

@KentBeck: Isolator++ looks interesting for our unit-testing C++ brethren

@testertools: Typemock Launches Isolator ++ – First C++ Easy Unit Testing Solution: Typemock,  the leading provider and pioneer…

@MrClyfar: For C++ devs, this could be HUGE!


Web Site bug issue now solved

Just came back from our Isolator++ release brunch, thanks team, it’s a pleasure to celebrate this release with you, after all the hard work and challenges that we had to overcome. and what a great release! We have managed to beat our own goals.

But here comes the embarrassing part, a small bug slipped though our tests. All the images of the Isolator++ Product Page where missing from IE Browsers and looked like this:

imageOuch!! after so many hours of creating Isolator++, Testing it, Sitting with the graphic designers and articulating our values, and we can’t see anything :-(

Some of you told us about this problem as soon as they saw it (thanks guys) but only this morning did we fix the page.


Looks better and now you can download and try out the tool.


*New* Unit Testing C++ with Typemock

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image Today is a really special day for us. We are releasing our first tool to help C++ developers unit test there code – Isolator++ . Up till now, we have been focused on the .NET developers and have a suite of tools to help developers unit test in an easy-correct-and-effective way. We are now breaking the own limits and are aimed at helping more developers unit test.

Unit testing is considered extremely difficult for C/C++ developers, and these applications are the ones written for smart-phones, medical, avionics, automobile and other life-critical and mission critical devices.

Our first version will make unit testing alot easier. We currently support Windows platforms and are planning on supporting other platforms rapidly. Our great team of developers have managed to pour all of our unit-testing knowledge into this solution.

Isolator++ Main Features

See more features here

  • Introducing Short and Simple but Powerful API:
    On one hand our API’s can powerful enough to FAKE any function on the other hand we understand that developers want to ignore complete components, and this can be done in one statement.
  • Robust- Low Maintenance
    Due to the loose default nature of Isolator++ changes in the production code have a lower impact on the tests, meaning that adding or removing calls to a faked class will not break the test. This leads to lower maintenance along with the readable API makes failing tests easier to fix
  • examples:
    Fake complete classed (methods can be non-virtual)
    Fake call hierarchies (complete call-chains)
    Fake static methods and globals
    Fake future object.

Free Isolator++ Download Here


CrowdMarketing – Crowd driven messaging

imageWe have all heard of crowdsourcing, and that crowdsourcing marketing is doomed to fail. So it is not often that one our our users manages to articulate our values in such a clear and concise way:

@leypascua: It’s amazing how TypeMock enables you to take advantage of trade-offs in code without sacrificing quality.

Thanks leypascua