The 4 reasons why we DIDN’T choose Oslo

I have just come back from a really successful and fun kickoff of our partnership program (web-site up soon). But everyone is asking me:

Why Oslo?

Well the reason is not because of the fresh fish that can be found in Norway, even though I love salmon.

It is not because of the great people, who are well mannered, exciting, smiling and smart, even though I had a great time meeting them

It is not because of the great hospitality that we received being guests in Norway, even though I was helped when we got completely mixed up with the local and express trains

It is not because of the social system that they have their, even though I would love to see such a system back home

The best way to convey why we chose Norway, probably comes from their Viking heritage, and while in the hotel I picked up the following postcard:


Did you notice: “Be versatile and AGILE”

So being Agile is actually a Viking thing, and that is probably why, in the end, we chose Norway to start our partnership program.
There is a higher percent of developers unit testing in Norway then in any other country, The number of customers and partners in Norway is way above average and they really understand and embrace Unit Testing.

It seems to have been the correct choice, the consultants I met are superb, they are open to idea, very technical but business minded too, and they also know to have a good time.

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