The First Rule to Software Craftsmanship

There has been a lot of noise about software craftsmanship.

I think it’s great that people are talking about how software development should become a true craft.

TypemockSo where’s the catch? Communication as usual.

When I look at what the developer groups talk about online…they discuss design. But I have seen many good developer discuss (read: rant) about how no one listens to them, no one knows how to do things right, the result will not work, the design is not good enough…and so on. That kind of “talk” simply does not lead to craftsmanship.

Sitting in the aisles and ranting about how things won’t work, is probably the least efficient way to finding out what does. The first step towards true craftsmanship is to ask “How can we make this work?”, “How can I help make it work” and not “Why my way is better” or “How this will fail” You will be able to do wonders when you look for ways to make things work, and not, why they will fail. It is a small perception game, but a very powerful one.

The way to craftsmanship is Getting it Done, and not Doing It My Way

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