Being a Leader is overrated

Reading a blog post about leadership versus being a boss, I started to think about this matter again. I honestly don’t think that we need any more leaders – we actually need people to execute tasks.

Speaking of leaders, I’d rather call them coaches; coaches are people who understand that their largest task is to grow their team. A coacher doesn’t depend on Good Will, nor will he fix the breakdown or say “WE” instead of I…a coacher will make sure that the team has the tools to find how, and to fix the problem themselves.

The coach is a role model: he never expects others to do what he doesn’t. A coach is the one that turns the triangle upside down and putting himself at the bottom helping  out.

A coach is the one that empowers and will guides. He is the mentor.

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  1. When it comes to get things done, yes, we need more executers but what is the difference between a leader, a manager, a coach, a mentor, and a supervisor? After all, in their own right, we know each of them to be a leader. However, there is a difference; a distinct difference!

    What does a leader do that is different from the manager, the coach, the mentor, and the supervisor? When did you realize that there might be a difference? When did you recognize the fact that they were different? Which one are you? Better yet, which one did you aspire to become and why?

    P.S. The blog post you are reffering to “leadership versus being a boss” is no longer valid. but I think I know what you mean by being overated because this is all over the Internet:

    The boss drives his men;
    the leader coaches them.

    The boss inspires fear;
    the leader inspires enthusiasm.

    The boss says “I”;
    the leader says “We”.

    The boss assigns tasks;
    the leader sets the pace.

    The boss says “Get here on time!”;
    the leader gets there ahead of time.

    The boss fixes blame for the breakdown;
    the leader fixes the breakdown.

    The boss knows how it’s done;
    the leader shows how.

    The boss makes work a drudgery;
    the leader makes it a game.

    The boss says “Go!”;
    the leader says “Let’s go!”

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