2009 retrospect

image Its my birthday, which is normally a time for self reflection and lot of fun, alcohol and friends.

As a present my friends gave me a Tandem skydiving, I am waiting for good weather to see why my friends want me to jump out of a flying plane 4 km in the air.

My birthday always falls close to the end of the year, so it is also a good time to see what happen in Typemock last year.

Typemock in 2009

We have had 4 new babes in Typemock from Roy Osherove, Doron Peretz, Shalhevet Segal and Dror Helper. Congrats, First timers: Welcome to parenthood 🙂

We have welcomed 4 new employees this year.

image We have invested over 15,000 hours in our products and we now  have 6 great products to make unit testing easy

  • Isolator
  • Isolator for SharePoint
  • Isolator for ASP.NET
  • Isolator for Silverlight
  • Racer
  • Tracker

The development team has made a breakthrough with Intellitest, to guide developers into writing good tests easily.

We have started This Week in Testing podcast.

The company has a FedEx day, once every 2 weeks, in which developers can work on their pet project.

Our development process has evolved and is a hybrid between scrum and ToC.

We sold over 100% more licenses, showing us that more developers are jumping on the unit-testing wagon.

Our sales team has managed to help developers successfully implement unit testing in their company. Our site has received a facelift and we have a new coffee machine.

In short, we have had a breakthrough year in our development, our products, our sales and there is much more to come.

To reach these result I have to thank the Typemock team, they are a great team and our amazing customers and partners who made this happen.

Best wishes and a happy new year.

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