Month: October 2009

The 5 Critical Qualities of an Entrepreneur

Michael has a post about the best characters of an Entrepreneur. I think that other qualities matter. Curiosity To start this adventure in the first [...]

Theory Of Constraints, Lean and Schnitzels

Roy gave me a copy of “The Cash Machine” Using the ToC for Sales Management. It is a good read, and it reminded me of the principals I learnt several years [...]

Getting the Boss to get Rid of Himself

Here is a short discussion I had with a Typemock employee a few weeks ago. Employee: “Phew, We managed to purchase the last available ticket :-)” Me: [...]

Managing Rookie Managers

Rookie managers have a incomplete perception of management and hold on to the idea that they are still reviewed by their personal performance and that there [...]

Never promote to a management role

This post is to remind myself what to do what promoting first time managers, based on the final tip in the Myth and Realty Check Post. Eli, Remember to Delay [...]

Rookie Manager #3: Myth vs Reality

Rookie Managers, including myself, often fail in their new role. Now looking back at my first managerial job (10 years ago) I think that the reason for this [...]

Going to Vegas!

I am going to be at the SharePoint Conference this year in Vegas (See plan on TripIt). Sorry guys the ticket have been sold out. We are going to have fun and [...]

Rookie Manager #2: Problem Solving vs Problem Finding

There is a big difference between problem solving and problem finding. This is one of the differences that a Rookie Manager must learn quickly. A Rookie [...]