Month: June 2009

Great idea! I’ll write it down

Sometimes someone I meet will have a great idea and I will say so. "Good idea, I’ll write it down". I always add “It was (Albert) Einstein who [...]

Being outstanding

In order to get outstanding results there is a need for outstanding actions. [...]

I am really picky

I have been picky on wording lately. I know that I am picky, but words do have a profound effect on how we act. I have talked in the past about Victim Talk vs [...]

Nothing is Broken

For the first time in our management integrity meeting - clearing, one of Typemock’s managers said: “Nothing is Broken”. The manager moved around in his [...]

Measuring Code Integrity

I have been pondering this for quite some time now. How do we measure the code integrity. Code Coverage doesn't really do it, and the number of test or test [...]

Innovation: Not “what if” but “how can”

Zane Safrit has a post about innovation: Innovation Key: Asking “what if”. Although “what if” questions might work, I have found that they support [...]