Hardware and Software spring Cleaning [off topic]

image I did a little spring cleaning to my personal PC. It was full of dust and that drove the dual-core CPU temperature to rise to 60°C / 140°F. Once the physical cleaning was done, I did some software cleaning, uninstalling unused applications, killing unneeded services and shortening the system and user login time.

I used CCleaner to clean the registry and Startup items. But had to manually pick the services that don’t need to run, I wish there was a site/tool that would do this for me.

The biggest pest, was the GoogleUpdater (See how to uninstall it) for a company that does no evil, this was annoying, it kept coming back at unknown intervals. Turns out that this is due to the use of the Task Scheduler.

Then I completed my home movies and photos backup scheme (onto a detachable disk) using SyncToy. What a great simple piece of software, just what I needed. Using this PCHell.com article, I managed to automated the backup.

(photo by Sidewalk Story)
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