I am really picky

I have been picky on wording lately. I know that I am picky, but words do have a profound effect on how we act.

I have talked in the past about Victim Talk vs Responsible talk, and we have fallen back to talking in Victim language.

  • We must …
  • What we need …
  • We should …

Although these word seem positive they are what I call vibrationally negative. They don’t lead to action or to controllable actions:

When we say: “We must write a walk-though document”
What we mean: “Someone else should write it, I won’t”

When we say: “I really need to loose weight”
What we mean: “I need to, but I love eating”

When we say: “We should start working out”
What we mean: “You should, because I won’t”

Lets see what happens when we use vibrationally positive words.

  • I intend to write a walk-through document
  • I intend to loose weight
  • I intend to start working out

These are words that lead to action, they are actions that we have control over and that we can have integrity to complete. So watch out when using vibrationally negative words, I will hear the negativity and ask “what do you, intend to do with it? “

p.s.  and please stop using “We”.

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