Big Steps to Code Integrity

Typemock is making big steps towards its goal of code integrity.image Code integrity is what we consider the new paradigm of writing software. Moving the responsibility of code-correctness back to the developers. It is too easy to get sloppy and to leave it to the QA to find our bugs, thus developing without integrity and leading to waste in time and money. When developing with integrity, we are all responsible to make sure the code does what was intended to do.

We can reach to higher levels of code integrity, with automating unit tests, code reviews and management for excellence. We are helping teams do this by allowing developers to unit test their code, whatever design or technology they choose. Our new tool Racer allows validating Parallel Computing problems. This is a great step towards making our profession an engineering one, that we can be proud of.

  1. A wise Quality Assurance Manager once told me that if you look carefully at what “QA” stands for: it’s to “assure” the quality of the product, not to build in quality. It all comes back to the developer to build in quality, security, scalability, etc. etc. QA’s job is to verify that it is meeting the requirements. At, we see a number of organizations who are working hard to build quality into the software development process, not after the fact. Better design tools, static analysis and building of test frameworks are a great way for developers to build in quality. It’s good engineering and better/cheaper/faster in the long run.

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