Scrum and Lean are just an excuse for our failing profession

To build the team that Typemock needs we need great developers. I don’t image mean craftsmanship or pragmatic developers, we need super stars.

Have you noticed that some developers are so much more productive then others? How can I make sure that Typemock created and attracts those kinds of developers?

As a profession we are still failing, take a look at the latest chaos reports, our numbers are worse. The number of startup and project that are failing is raising. What are we doing wrong?

Is Agile a process or an Excuse? There was even a session about this in Tech-Ed.

Perhaps we are not bold enough to leave our comfort zone, we just keep on doing those things that we where once good at, and this leads to mediocrity. Practicing one process will not make you a super star, be it waterfall or Agile. It will teach you how to do things in a different way and then enable you to crumble back to mediocrity.

We have to leave our comfort zone at all times, have a new challenge every day, commit to them, have integrity, raise the bar, try different things, focus on actions and not on results, dare to fail and stop waiting and making excuses.

Perhaps Integrity Management will help save our profession.

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