Clearing, the next stage

I imagetalked about the great effects of the clearing process that we do in  Typemock. This process allows us to pinpoint areas that are not working, fix them immediately (by committing to controllable actions) and then to focus and celebrate on the things that do work.

Clearing is actually a state of mind. It turns out the people wait for the clearing to do the retrospect and to find solutions. But suppose you come to the standup with the solutions to your problems. Suppose you don’t only tell everyone about your problems but give 2 different solutions, you can even tell the team what you prefer. Just take 5 minutes before the meeting and come up with the solutions, wouldn’t it make the meeting more valuable. I think so.

If you can do that, why not go another step, why not find the solution yourself when the problem arises and they start executing your solution. You can then talk about it, in the “What is working” stage. This is how you can move your problems from the “What is not working” stage to the “What is working” stage, talk about it as a dilemma that you solved. 

If we all do this, we can come to the meeting clear, we can solve it before the meeting, your manager does not need to be the bottleneck of solving problems.

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