Month: May 2009

Big Steps to Code Integrity

Typemock is making big steps towards its goal of code integrity. Code integrity is what we consider the new paradigm of writing software. Moving the [...]

Simple or Simply Terrible

I read the Lead Blog post: Simplicity. Simplicity means the achievement of maximum effect with minimal means. - Dr. Koichi Kawana I though that was the [...]

The price of not trying

Twitter has been under a lot of fire when changing the replies policy, they still did the right thing. They tried, if they wouldn’t try then they will be [...]

Isolate your ASP.NET – Race for Free Licenses

Our team is launching a new product for ASP.NET developers who develop with integrity – the ASP.NET Bundle. For the launch you can win FREE licenses if [...]

Scrum and Lean are just an excuse for our failing profession

To build the team that Typemock needs we need great developers. I don’t mean craftsmanship or pragmatic developers, we need super stars. Have you noticed [...]

Clearing, the next stage

I talked about the great effects of the clearing process that we do in  Typemock. This process allows us to pinpoint areas that are not working, fix them [...]

Loosing sight

Because Managing by Integrity makes sure that we play one game at a time, day by day, by creating controllable actions for each goal - we separate ourselves [...]

Travelling to the states

I will be travelling to Boston and Seattle from 22nd-28th of May. This is my first trip the the US since Obama was elected, I wonder if the atmosphere has [...]

Converting Dynamic Types to Generic Parameters

There is a problem when an API uses a Generic Parameter as a Type reference. Although having a generic parameter makes the code Type Safe SafeType [...]

Flowers, Game Theory and our Company Culture

I had a great discussion the other day with a Professor who specialized in the  Game Theory. We had a nice discussion about flowers. Flowers compete for [...]