Month: April 2009

Losing your best people

I have just read First, Break all the Rules by Marcus Buckingham. I highly recommend it. There are many pearls in the book: Here is a sure way to lose your [...]

Matrix Communication not Matrix Management

Working in a Team is more then just allowing each team reaching there own goal. I talked before about Team work and how it is possible that by completing your [...]

Integrity in Google

When managing integrity, the manager never talks about what to do. The manager can talk about goals, or even better ask the team what they think their goals [...]

Signal to Noise Ratio of Delays

Travis, has made some excellent points again, talking about the Signal to Noise Ratio of the ‘delay event raising’. I have had this problem from a [...]

How to manage agile (self managing) teams

Some time ago I read an interview with the founder of a high-growth web 2.0  company. It went something like this.  “How do build your team?” [...]

Typemock Isolator goes open source

Due to the overwhelming request by the community, we have received thousands of e-mails from .NET developers, that almost crashed our servers. And after we [...]