Integrity in Google

When managing integrity, the manager never talks about what to do. The image manager can talk about goals, or even better ask the team what they think their goals should be.

Doing this makes delegation seamless as each employee commits to what they think will be in the best interest of the company. 

Do Google get it? I think so, see this post

"Seems like many things at Google, are voted on, or managed by peer reviews. An example are their quarterly objectives and key results. They are done bottoms up with very little top down input. Google’s approach is to hire the smartest people they can and then ask them what they should be doing."

Although I don’t think that smart is necessary the trait to look for (although if you have the privilege to hire only the smartest, go for it).

I think that passion and integrity is all you need. Having the passion and managing your integrity will eventually lead you to being smart, more then just smart, becoming a star.

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