Month: April 2009

I want solutions not problems

Jurgen wrote a post: Empowered, Whether You Like It or Not about decisions being backfired to management. I agree that a good manager cannot afford to have [...]

Stop Designing for Testability – Revisited

I just received an email about a comment on my article on Code Project, Stop  Designing for Testability. After nearly 3 years it is still getting [...]

I am being followed

I received an email from a few people who want to follow me on twitter. The problem being that I don’t have a twitter account. Instead of letting them [...]

Create Exceptional Developers

A lot has been talked about how to become a great developer. They are all good ideas. I think that as a manager it is our job to grow our team and create great [...]

Managing the support

We take our support really seriously here at Typemock, our customers see and talk about this great value. But there is much more to support then fixing bugs. [...]

Presentation at the Tel Aviv Entrepreneurs Meetup Group

I gave a short presentation to the Tel Aviv Entrepreneurs Meetup Group. It was great fun. I wanted to share one tip: To build a great team you cannot bring in [...]

Accountable and Responsible

Jurgen is debating the difference between Accountable and Responsible.  It is great to see that we are thinking about the same things. There must be a [...]

Retrospectives should not be about sharing pain

Jason Yip has a great post: Retrospectives should not be about sharing pain Retrospectives should not be about sharing pain and venting. Retrospectives [...]

Manager – Create obstacles for your team

I asked before about how to manage self directed teams, most responses where that the manage should remove obstacles in the way of the team. I think the [...]

Home Movies and Integrity

I have been taking home movies for over 10 years now, I now have an HDD camera, but I still have loads of Mini-DV’s hanging around the house. I have always [...]