Month: March 2009

Typemock needs a slogan

Roy Osherove has voted to let the community choose Typemock's slogan! What a great idea! Don't be left out of the New slogan for Typemock [...]

Integrity Meetings – Heartbeat of management

In order to always be in integrity we need check points. Here is how we do it in Typemock. It might remind many of you of Scrum, and I see Scrum as very close [...]

Our Coffee Machine

Roy has talked about Doing instead of Complaining. This is really in line with the integrity that I have been talking about. One of our employees really [...]

Staying in Integrity

It is possible that while the team is managed by integrity, one team member is not in integrity. They know that they will not be able to complete their tasks [...]

Integrity Scales – Real Lean Management

I talked about personal integrity, the really powerful thing about this integrity is that it scales. There is a team Integrity. Here is the secret: Once [...]

Break down tasks to controllable actions

Breaking down a task to controllable actions is a talent that I had to learn. It is not complicated and it is a pillar stone of Management by Integrity Lets [...]