Month: March 2009

Is this the secret of success?

Joel posted another interesting article about creating startups. What really interest me is that the reason that startups fail is that the founders lose [...]

Management for Geeks: Have a good fight

Joel has a post about being a program manager. It is a good read, but this is what took my attention: The number one mistake most companies make is having [...]

Perfectionism is Fatal

During a discussion in the company someone bought up Perfectionism. I like this definition: Perfectionism may be the ultimate self-defeating behavior. It is [...]

Crossing the Chasm – Is it still true?

I picked up Crossing the Chasm (Geoffery Moore) again while thinking about our marketing strategy. This brings up a few questions. Q1: Is this strategy still [...]

Funny discussion from Twitter

Here is an entertaining snippet from twitter: Ben Hall asked Wonder how TypeMock came up with the "Cut costs by as much as 40%" (twitter) [...]

Coaching, Its a two way street

In a previous post, I was asked some questions about coaching. The post was about expanding my existence. I think that this is the first and most important [...]

Typemock in the local press

The local "The Marker" Magazine has published an article about startups in the current economical crisis. There is a cool picture of some of the crew eating [...]

Tip: Never Manage anyone who you can’t do his job!

Yes, I know that the normal way to manage, is to delegate those things that you don’t know how to do to others, but that is disastrous. When I began [...]

Being Result Driven can Backlash

People like to be result driven and when given a task, we want to complete that task and clear our desk. This is great and works really well when the task is [...]

The Clearing

Clearing is a great way to finish our meeting. It includes retrospect and success celebration and is a very powerful process Here is how the clearing works [...]