Month: March 2009

The difference between Scrum and Integrity

We have been using Scrum here at Typemock and it has really helped with our software development, but we also manage with integrity. There are a few major [...]

Management for Geeks: Personal Integrity

How many times have you promised yourself to do things and not done it. How many times have you said that today you will Eat a health lunch Start [...]

Management for Geeks – The 9 Rules

So you know that you can be a great manager. You are sure that you can do it much better then your own managers. Well you can. It will take some learning [...]

Measuring Productivity

Johanna Rothman has posted about Measuring Productivity, and how it is difficult for managers. While Jack has a difficult time measuring knowledge workers in [...]

Terminating an employee

One of the most difficult things for me to do as a manager is to terminate an employee. No matter how I approach it, removing someone from his role is [...]

Deciding without enough information

One of my biggest problems as a manager, is that I love information. Give me loads and loads of data and I am a happy man. This means that it is very hard for [...]

Doing the Impossible by Delegating Properly

One of my jobs as a manager is to help my team grow and  expand. Delegating properly is a way to enable your team to grow. I always found it hard to [...]

Crossing the Chasm and Excellence

Roy sent me this podcast: The state of Alt.NET. Although Scott Bellware seems to be angry about the state of things, I am actually seeing great progress in [...]

Isolate tasks to gain Integrity

I have talked a lot about integrity, this is our management style in Typemock  and the way we bring ourselves to excellence. But your team members might [...]

Time Management – Getting the Metrics

A good CEO should focus primarily on those things that move the company forward I talked about time management and knowing where to spend your time. A few [...]