Building the Management Team

I have read an article about Building the Management Team on Entrepreneur. image It gives a nice outlay of the management team, but I don’t think that it really helps with the real hard stuff. How do you know who to get and how do you make sure that you got the right person?

I have heard from many successful startup Entrepreneurs, that the one single, most important factor that they can point to, that lead to the success of their company, was their team. They all said that they where very lucky to get that team.

I don’t want to rely on luck! (I tried to do so in some friendly poker games, and it doesn’t work.)

So how do you build the right team?
Even after rigorous interviewing I have a hard time, really knowing it that person will succeed or not. Sometimes it worked, but most times it didn’t. I had to deal with amazing people that are just used to a different mind-set, some were used to huge budgets, some were used to off line marketing, some were used to being told what to do, some just loved making excuses.

After failing with this for too long, I noticed that I stopped interviewing, because I felt that this doesn’t really help me. I understood that I had to change in order to get the right people.

Using Integrity Management, I made it my number one priority, to find the right people. I had to take the risk of doing uncomfortable things to find these people. This meant that for every job I looked for, I learnt exactly what actions are needed to be done to get the job done, I got experienced by doing the actions and not just reading about them. After I found someone, I managed the employees integrity to see that they are actually doing their jobs. If they had no integrity, they had to go elsewhere. This is a slow process, but I am obsessed with succeeding to build the management team.

I can say that currently the Typemock team is an amazing team, we still have a long way to go, but the one single, most important factor that has made Typemock what it is today, is our amazing team. Thanks.

(Cylon picture from Jeff Pidgeon)
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