Management for Geeks – The 9 Rules

So you know that you can be a great manager. You are sure that you can doimage it much better then your own managers.

Well you can.
It will take some learning and practice, but following these 9 rules will get you on track.

The 9 Management Rules

  1. Start with your own Personal Growth and Time Management.
  2. It is your job as a manager to help your team grow.
    You must believe that your team can do better then what even they think that they can do.
  3. Use Personal Integrity (Say-Do-Intend) and task breakdown, to delegate properly and encourage excellence
  4. Use Monthly Goals, and Weekly and Daily Stand ups
  5. Make sure the team finds and solves their own problems as soon as possible.
  6. Don’t solve the teams problems yourself
  7. Give credit as much as possible to Personal Integrity
  8. Make sure that you have many debates
  9. Don’t manage employees whom you can’t replace yourself

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