Crossing the Chasm and Excellence

Roy sent me this podcast: The state of Alt.NET.

Although Scott Bellware imageseems to be angry about the state of things, I am actually seeing great progress in our profession, and the ALT.NET is one of them.

To the point I must agree with him about the following:

1. Alt.NET – you cannot be in the chasm as the chasm is a void, it is when there is no growth, it is when 15% of the .NET developers are practicing Alt.NET. It is fatal to jump over the early adopters and try crossing the chasm before reaching the chasm

2. I’ll take the chance of misunderstanding Scott here, but if I understand correctly, what is happening with ALT.NET is that instead of bringing excellence to software development, it has lead to many developers to follow practices. What we need as a profession is to be professional, is to keep on growing and learning and striving for excellence. 

Only when we strive for excellence, can we do the impossible and grow. It is not easy to become excellent and to grow, but the results are amazing and satisfying

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