Time Management – Getting the Metrics

A good CEO should focus primarily on those things that move the company forward

I talked about time management and knowing where to spend your time. A few Typemockers have tried this and ran into a few issues.

Question: How do you get the metrics while using the Daily Goal Tracker.


The daily goal tracker has 7 lines of tasks, by each task there are 4 groups of 4 ticks – each representing 15 minutes.

Here is a simple method to get the metrics:

1. Write the 3 most important tasks in the first 3 lines.
2. Whenever an emerging tasks comes up – write the task on an empty line.
3. When you finished a task – check the 15 minute ticks. 

At the end of the day you will see how much time you spent on each task. (Power-Users can put a value per task and count how much value was added on that day)

Doing this the Typemockers found several things.

1. They spend most of their time on emerging tasks! Doing only 1 major task.

2. There is one tasks that everyone seems to have and it always gets its way into the list: it it called the ‘On-Going’ Task.

Don’t allow On-Going Tasks

In order to succeed, we don’t allow anyone to commit or write down – On Going tasks – these are black-super-nova-holes that swallow up time and resources- every tasks fits in them and this gives us an excuse for not doing the important stuff.

It is simple: Take the On-Going tasks and categorize them:

  • E-Mail
  • Recreation/Smoking
  • Lunch
  • Coaching others

This will allow you to see where you can become better.

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