Staying in Integrity

It is possible that while the team is managed by integrity, one image_thumb[4]team member is not in integrity. They know that they will not be able to complete their tasks in time. This could be for many reasons, Traffic, being sick, computer is down…

There are two ways to staying in integrity, the first is to add more actions on the next day to compensate for the missing time.
If this will not be enough, the only way to go back to being in integrity is by changing your promise, your word.

At the first chance that you the team member knows that he cannot fulfill his commitment (it is very important that this happens at the first chance), he must tell his manager. “I won’t be able to be on time for the meeting, I will be 20 minutes late”. Here the team member made a new commitment, and is back in integrity.
Once I know that a team member is not in integrity the whole team is not in integrity, and it is the managers job to make sure that the team is always in integrity.
I can decide what to do:

a. Find a way to help the employee do his commitment. We might need to move resources to help him.

b. Report to my manager that we will not be able to fulfill our task – we are not in integrity, and tell him what we can do and when we can complete it, thus being in integrity again.

As you can see staying in integrity is scalable too,

Now the whole company is back in Integrity as each of its part are in integrity. This is a bit like what we do to the software process. Once each unit is in integrity (unit tests pass), the code is in integrity 

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