Our Coffee Machine

Roy has talked about Doing instead of Complaining. This is really in line with the integrity that I have been talking about.

One of our employees really wanted a coffee machine, but we can’t afford one (being a startup and all). So she figured out places where costs can be cut (getting discounts from a couple of suppliers, purchasing cheaper products and so on..) and got back to our CEO with a detailed report on how she already saved the amount needed to purchase a coffee machine in the past month.

She didn’t get up and whine, just made it happen. And our coffee machine is on the way.

This is an amazing story of how we solve problems and what a great team we have. I was asked about the coffee machine and I asked if there is anything that the employee can do to help us get a coffee machine because we don’t have any extra budget for that. The employee said: “Perhaps I can save in enough expenses to pay for the coffee machine”. The rest is history…

This is an amazing story as most people would have just given up, but here the employee said, I will spend some time trying to save the expenses and actually managed to do it!

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