Management for Geeks: Know where you spend your time

In a previous post I talked about managing myself which I believe mustimage be done before you manage others, if only for the sake of leadership

One of the task that I put on my weekly goals, was to find out where I was spending my time.
So I wrote next to each daily tasks, how long I spend on the task. Using David Seah Daily Goal Tracker I filled in the 15 minute boxes and summed them up at the end of the week.

What I found was astonishing:

  • I spent 2 hours a day on e-mails
  • My most effective hours are between 10-12
  • A few hours after lunch 3-4pm, I have the least effective hours (sometimes I found that at 4pm I didn’t do anything in the last hour)
  • I spent 55% of my time in management tasks. 
  • 40% of my time was in meetings.
  • I spend a small amount of time on unit testing and reviewing Typemock Isolator 

This data is priceless and helped me refocus my efforts dramatically. I stopped wasting time on e-mails, I put the difficult tasks in the morning, and I try to eat a lighter lunch 😉

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